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Saturday, January 9, 2010

Evangelism in Tombeau Bay

Saturday 9th January at 5.30pm at the Evangelical Church of Tombeau Bay in Mauritius was our church first outreach and the band's outing. The event was organized in line with one of our member's family gathering celebration.

Diane and the band started with Praise and Worship and we seize the opportunity to introduced songs from our CD "I Will Dwell". Then John and Christine Ip with a drama team followed with a sketch demonstrating the love of Jesus to save, heal and deliver.

The message was short and simple..."The goodness of God"
It challenged the people, believers and unbelievers, to taste and see that the Lord is good (Ps 34:8). The message encouraged people to put their trust in God in order to see a manifestation of his power to turn their dream into reality in 2010.

At the altar call, three people opened their heart to the Lord but we sensed that many felt His love within but because it was a family gathering, they may have felt awkward.

We sat down and had dinner and many came to speak to me and thanked us for this moment.

I thank God that this is the beginning of something good in that precious family. It truly was an honour to be the guest at this family gathering.


New CD "I Will Dwell"

Music was created to honour, praise and worship God!

In our first CD release, we have 10 tracks with different style of music varying from Sega (Mauritian folklore), Reggae, Zouk, Rock, Pop/Techno and Slow Worship.
My wife Diane sings in three different languages; English, Creole and Spanish.

Since its release on her birthday in December, it has been positively reviewed by all top national Mauritian Newspaper, that is Week End Scope, L'Express, Le Dimanche and 5 Plus.
It was also aired on national radio on MBC Radio Maurice Shirley Chumroo show.

We have now begun work on the clips which should be aired on national tv MBC and other island music channels. We look for a breakthrough on Christian Channels.

Diane will be doing a series of concerts to further promote the CD as well as our church and lift up the name of Jesus.

We wish to thank all the committee and members of Christian Family Church International, Mauritius as well as our musicians and singers.

"I will Dwell" is on sale in Mauriitus in all music shops.

Don't give up!

"Courage is the strength that creates history."

You will be faced with many challenges in life but here are some vital points to ponder and apply in order to succeed and win in life.

We were created with an ability to choose. God gave us a will. We need to choose God's Word (Deut. 30:19-20) as first and final authority in our life. We need to relate and act upon the Word.

I find that many start out well but not many persevere until the end. The Word of God produce the strength of God to face and overcome any challenges and circumstances. The force of faith is activated by hearing and believing God's Word. This spiritual force is produced by abiding in the Word with our hearts.

We need to develop a tenacity with faith in the Word of God. Too many believers quit easily. I use to know a song that stated "Keep on believing in God". We need to understand that when we are at our darkest hour, when it seems naturally impossible and when we yield totally to God then He will cause a light to shine (Ps. 30:12).
In fact the Word shows us the way that God works...from the beginning.
Notice that it was evening then morning...that was the set pattern (Gen. 1:5,8,13,14,19,23,31). When the enemy thinks that he is winning and you feel as if all hell has broken loose against you but you have the courage to look to God and believe that He will pull you through, then he shows up and proctect your faith (Mk. 5:36) and perform a miracle.

Friends, we serve a mighty God. He is love (1 Jn 4:8). He moves with compassion (Mk 6:34) and He is the same yesterday, today and forever (Heb 13:8).

A new day is dawning in your life (Jos.3:5) and your life will never be the same again.