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Thursday, November 11, 2010

Let's talk about SEX!!!

Here's a subject that considered 'taboo' in the church...yet it is an issue that is important to discuss and to know. Sex is the best seller in advertising and it definately attracts people.
As I drive to my office in Port Louis, on the ourskirt of our Capital City is a billboard advertising a well-known, world renown bank and it has a picture of a very attractive lady with a seducing smile. Advertisers uses sex to sell bank loans and mortgage, automobiles, election candidates, detergents...
Not only is sex on signboards, it is on TV at anytime, specially with satellite TVs. At any given time, you are exposed to sex...no matter what age you are. You can see a naked man and woman at anytime on TV. It use to be at night...late night but not any more. Society has changed and will not teach you the importance of sex as was created by God.
GOD!? Does God say anything about SEX? ... SEX!?!?
The bible states that "My people (Born-Again believers, Christians) perish (deteriorate, weaken, ruin, destroy) because of lack of knowledge. A lack of knowledge on this subject will bring destruction and ruin. Sex has been the cause of broken marriage because vows were not respected. Misuse of sex will cause us to use and abuse!!!
So what does God and His Word say about SEX?
Firstly SEX IS GOOD! The bible says that God is the creator of all things. The book of Genesis, meaning the beginning or origins, states that Sex begun from God and it was His idea. Everything God creates is good.  It was one of His gift to mankind. God's plan for sex was for procreation. It was the method whereby a husband and wife in relationship would expand God's image in history. As long as it remains in the marriage circle, that is between a husband and wife - it is legal before God's eyes and it is good!
Sex outside the marriage is illegal before His eyes and many teenagers are not taught this in church or youth groups and so they follow the trend of sleeping with others before marriage. Sex outside the marriage is SIN! Sin has consequences!
Sex before marriage is known as fornication and when you are married and you engaged in sexual intercourse with someone that is not your wife, it is call adultery. Both fornication and adultery are SIN! The consequences can result in broken homes, dysfunctional families and a generation seeking relief in drugs, gangs and sexual promiscuity in place of sincere love and intimacy.
Today both fornication and adultery is sweeping our nation and sadly is being tolerated in church! Although sex is a legitimate passion given to us by God, it was not suppose to be our Master! Although God created us with emotions, passions and pulsions, He never intended that they control our life. The Holy Spirit should be leading us by the Word of God.
Fornication and adultery has caused damages in life and society. Even Ministers are falling into this trap of the devil. Movies are playing their role in pushing the devil plans. Todays soap movies have fornication, adultery, cheating, lies, gossips and abuse all gathered in 30 minutes and it attracts people. They then base their life on what they see as they think it fashionable.

Matthew 5:28 "If a man looks on a woman to lust after her, he has committed adultery with her already in his heart."

Psalm 101:3 "I will set no unclean thing before my eyes."

Philippians 4:7, 8 "Keep your hearts and minds in Christ Jesus... Whatsover things are pure... if there be any virtue... think on these things."

These scriptures also shows us that Pornography is not right in the eyes of God! Satan has succeeded in twisting and perverting sex. He has taken what is good and right (sincere and faithful loving sex between a husband and wife) and replaced it with lust, pornography, adultery, rape, and homosexuality.

Being tempted is not sin (even Jesus was tempted) - but giving in to it, or seeking it out, surely is.
God is a deliverer! If you've yielded to sex sins...confess your sins and repent. God is faithful and just to forgive us all of our sins.
Your pass is past...go and sin no more...

More to follow

Monday, November 8, 2010

L'importance de gerer

Une grande première...

Voila un enseignement audio gratuit:  "L'importance de gérer" 

Ce message vous aidera à prendre les bonnes decisions et gérer vos émotions, vos pulsions et votre caractère.

Vous apprendrez également à briser les traditions...incluant le succès que vous avez pu faire dans les passé car il faut toujours progresser dans la vie.

Dieu vous bénisse...

James Arekion Blog: The price of success reaching national front

James Arekion Blog: The price of success reaching national front

The price of success reaching national front

In a time when Pentecostal Christians are occupying the Local Press and Radio as we fight against the 'Anti-conversion Law' that extremist Hindus wants voted in our Democratic Mauritius and as they state nonsense against us to give Christianity a bad image, God opens the door and allows me to discuss on MBC National Radio 'Live' on air and a half page positive write-up report on Samedi Plus newspaper for the book "The price of success."

The Radio Show on MBC was very positive. The Ministry door was open to discuss how to succeed base on Biblical principles. Diane was with me in the studio and we all felt that this discussion to break the spirit of inferiority and complex and to fight against evil influence was important and came at a right time.
We also discussed how to take a Quality decision as in the book.
The presenter herself was touched.


Samedi Plus reporter was very supportive. A very gentle spirit young man came into my office and at once we started a friendship base on loyalty and trust. He also came to church the following Sunday.
I want to publicly thank Fernando Thomas for his article in Samedi Plus.
I will post the article on the Blog soon...and add a surprise or two for you.