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Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Congratulations to all CFCI Bible School graduates

A year ago, new students enrolled for 1st year Certificate in Ministry, while others pursued for their Diploma in Ministry.
On Sunday 29th August 2010, these students were rewarded for their commitment and faithfulness as they sought to become mature in their Christian walk.

The 1st Year Theme "To cultivate intimacy with God through personal relationship" definately helped students in their relationship with God.
Guy Arekion speaking on behalf of all the thirty 1st Year graduates said:
" I have received many diplomas in my life and I was very proud about it. But today marks the best and highest degree of my life achievement and its all by the grace of God. My relation with God has improved a lot; the knowledge of God is a blessing for us. We can now propagate the word of God to every person we meet. I seize the occasion to make an appeal to all that are not a part of the Bible school, to join us. Your life will change. I thank Pastor James and his team for the job that they have done to enrich the course and give us a new spiritual dimension."

Our 2nd Year students pursued to develop deeper relationship with the Father as well as to learn how to fan into flame the gifts given to them by God.
Sabrina Bavajee representing the 33 graduates for Diploma said:
"I have only one word to describe the Bible School and that is Wow.

The teachings that we have received during the year brought us to a higher level of knowledge, helped us to have a vision and to avoid making mistakes.
I encourage those who have been in the 1st year to move to the second year.
As Dr. Andre taught this morning, we need to know how to hear the voice of God, to become a vessel worth to God and to rightly propagate his word to our neighborhood.
I thank Christian Family Church International of South Africa and Mauritius. Through this Bible School we have understood and received the gifts of God."

What about YOU?
Are you passionate for Christ and want to grow closer to God?

DO you have a hunger and passion to explore the depths of the Bible?
DO you long to be better equipped to minister to God's people?
DO you believe God has called you?
Would you give one night a week if you knew it would change your destiny?

Then CFCI Bible School is the place where you will ignite your passion for Christ.
The place where you will discover your purpose in life.

Bible School lectures take place one day a week. Courses for 2010 - 2011 starts in September.

The first year courses are available as follow:
Wednesday nights at 6pm - courses start on 15th September OR Saturday mornings at 10am - courses start on 18th September.

Contact us NOW: (230) 290-8886 or 293-8886. Visit jamesarekion.org for more details.