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Friday, July 3, 2015

Don't give up!

Don't give up.
(excerpt from the new book "7 Dimensions of the anointing"
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Jairus...Mark 5:22-43

Jairus had a family problem. His daughter was ill to the point of death. We are not told how many children Jairus had but we know he had a very sick daughter! My wife and I have only one daughter and I can tell you that twice she has had life-threatening situations. So I can just imagine his anxiety as he goes searching for solution and ends at meeting with Jesus.

As a ruler of the synagogue, Jairus was well known in the community. He was a man in leadership. It took courage and humility to come and fall at the feet of Jesus publicly. He did not come in his official capacity but as a man desperately looking for a solution. His action was totally against Jewish custom, tradition and culture. Jews don't worship man! Jairus must have recognized that Jesus was no ordinary man. When he bowed before Jesus, he recognized higher authority. His action proclaimed Jesus was the Christ, the Messiah, the son of David sent to save the world.

As I have mentioned before, in Mark chapter five, we see the supernatural power of God at work through Jesus as he delivers a young man possessed by demons name legions, healing a woman suffering from blood disease for twelve years and then miraculously resurrecting Jairus daughter. Jesus delivers, heals and operates miracles. But all three of these had an attitude in common. They all fell at His feet. Falling at the feet of Jesus shows humility and worship. Their worship was not a private affair. They did this openly. People saw them coming and worshipping Jesus.

After the deliverance of the man of Gadara, Jesus crossed the lake and went to the other side of the country. A crowd followed Him and Jairus approached him with a request: "Master my daughter is about to die, come and lay your hands on her that she may be healed and live." That was faith speaking out of his heart. Although he left her at the point of death, he approached Him with faith in his request believing that he can do something for his daughter. His prayer was coupled with faith. Jesus agreed and followed him. An attitude of worship and faith always attracts the presence of God. They begun to walk towards the house. In the process, a woman also having faith approached Jesus and seized her healing. Suddenly Jesus stopped! He asked: "Who touched me?" Imagine what is going through Jairus' mind at this point. Time was against them and he approached Jesus first, yet here comes a woman testifying how His power healed her.

As she testified and told Jesus and the people how many doctors she has seen and the amount of money she has spent, Jairus grew the more impatient! When all of a sudden a messenger arrived on a horse and announced the dreaded news that his daughter is dead. The thing that he didn't expect has occurred. Sadness and tears begun to seize Jairus. He didn't want to hear that and the messenger told him that there was no need to bother the Master. Right there Jairus could have given up. He could have abandoned his dream of seeing his daughter healed. In his mind, he can only imagine how she was happy and played with daddy but now all hope has gone as she has moved into the point of no return. But Jesus having heard the news reassured Jairus and said:"don't be afraid, just keep on believing and trusting."

At this point, many of us would have given up and would have been offended. It seemed Jesus took his time. He wanted to know who touched him even though He was crowded and then hear this lady give her testimony. "I was here first" could have echoed in Jairus' mind as he begins to contemplate the situation. He could have been offended at Jesus and then the woman with the issue of blood. He could have moved into anger when the messenger told him to not bother the Master. No one was in his shoes! No one knew how he really felt inside. The pain, the anger, the offense and the sadness all pumping inside affecting his mind and emotions. This is precisely why many Christians give up. These negative emotions and thoughts pushes us to abandon our prayer and dreams.

In this situation, Jairus is learning self-control and patience. Two important factors that keeps us strong and persevering until we receive what was promised by God. It was a test of his character. We may face trials, difficulties, persecutions, accusations and disasters but it may be a test to see where we go and what we do! Will we still depend on the Word and rely on His presence and promises? Will trouble make us walk out and go away from God or bring us closer to God? Will we be influenced by the opinions of others or do we maintain our focus in Christ? Do we allow offense to suffocate our faith? Will fear torment our mind and annul our faith? Jairus' faith has been under attack since he first went to Jesus. But the Word of God says: "Our faith overcomes the world".

If Jairus gives up, he accepts the death of his twelve year old daughter. If he gives up, he has wasted his time. If he gives up, he has showed others that they control his emotions and destiny. Many times you and I, we are "Jairus" faced with a tough decision. Either we abandon our dream, the desire of our heart and destiny or we stay strong and trust the anointed one and His yoke destroying, burden removing, unlimited power to transform our lives and circumstances. It was indeed his continual faith in the anointing of Jesus that made his dream come true. It was his attitude in a difficult situation that made him hold once again in his loving arms his daughter full of life. It was his persevering spirit that turn impossibility to possibility. I want the words "Never give up" to echo in your mind and emotions. I want your heart to fully believe that God can turn your situations around. I want you to be fully persuaded that He that has begun a good work in you will bring it to pass.

We must do what Jesus did and yield to His words of encouragement as he said: Do not fear, only believe". Simply put: "Keep on believing. Keep on keeping on". He wasn't influenced by the messenger's word and opinion. He didn't permit the crowd to follow him. He only took three of his disciples to the house of Jairus. He didn't allow an atmosphere of fear and unbelief to roam. He threw out the mockers. He cast out the death spirit! It is something that you and I must do in order to see our miracles. Chose our friends and the voices that influence and affect us. Refuse discouragement! Don't lose hope! Jesus is still here and willing. Rise up and pursue your dream. Don't let go of God's hands. The manifested presence operates in an atmosphere of faith. Faith expects to see results. It puts a demand on the anointing. The anointing never disappoints.

You must reach a point in your life where nothing and no one will stop you achieving your God-given dream and destiny. We may face delays but we will not be denied! Rise above the reproach of people. They may laugh and ridicule us, but with God we will have the last laugh! We possess the spirit of an overcomer. As an overcomer, we refuse to grow weary and lose heart or be discouraged. As an overcomer, we hold on to our due season knowing He makes all things beautiful in His time. We know that a quitter will never win!

Many men of God in the bible could have given up. Noah, Abraham, Moses, Job, David even Jesus could have given up when faced opposition, persecution and even offense. Yet they persevered and pursued their dream. Noah built the ark that saved his family irrespective of the mocking and laughter of others. Abraham held his promised son at the age of a hundred years old. Moses had the strength and courage to face Pharaoh and led the children of Israel out of the slavery of Egypt. Job stayed strong even though he lost his business, workers, children and friends. David fell in sin, lost a son but still became the king of Israel and birth the generation that brought forth the Christ. Jesus came to His own and they refused Him, beat Him, insulted Him, crucified Him yet he rose up again and conquered the grave and hell. Today, you have the same ability in the Holy Spirit and His anointing! You may be tempted to give up... But don't give up!