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Saturday, January 9, 2016

Prayer and Fasting

There are two ways of fasting: A Personal Fast (private fast) and a Joint-Corporate Fast.

When believers and a church joins together for a common purpose, we call it a corporate fast. 

Fasting is a spiritual dynamics that brings supernatural manifestation.

God rewards Fasting. God wants us to fast so that we are disciplined and are not controlled by our soul and flesh.
In the book of 2 Chronicles 7:14-16, we are taught to humble ourselves before God. Fasting is one of the way that we humble ourselves to the Lord. Fasting doesn't work alone. Fasting has "twins" that aids it for better results and supernatural breakthroughs. We cannot just fast (not eating)...that would be a dieting! Spiritual Fasting is accompanied with something. We fast and PRAY. We fast and WORSHIP. We fast and PRAISE. We fast and REPENT. We fast and GIVE. We fast with THANKSGIVING. These are "power twins" to fasting. TOGETHER they produce results!

When we fast, we are seeking God's face for direction and instruction - it is a way of waiting upon the Lord.

Fasting brings discipline and deliverance.

 In 2 Chronicles 20: 3-5, King Jehoshaphat received a threatening message. Strong armies gathered together to battle against him. These armies had a reputation of destroying and wiping off any opponents. Jehoshaphat gathered the people together and proclaimed a time of fasting and seeking God.

Fasting takes your eyes off yourself and your circumstances 
and helps you to focus on God and His Word.
 (Read: 2 Chronicles 20:12)

As the sought the Lord, He gave them specific instruction and direction. Suddenly they knew what to do. They were no longer dependent on their strength and ability but they looked and leaned upon God. Our educational, physical, mental, financial strengths has limitation! But God is all-powerful!
Jehoshaphat and his people heard the voice and instruction of God because of prayer and fasting. They then moved into fasting and praise and the Lord caused a confusion in the enemy's camp and they enjoyed a great victory!

In 2 Chronicles 20:30, we see that Jehoshaphat and his people enjoyed peace and rest. This is because of prayer and fasting. How long will we be threatened with the same oppositions and words? It is time to enjoy peace and rest in security knowing we have overcome an enemy. Prayer and fasting brings complete deliverance from the enemy that constantly pursued us. It can break generational curses and bring freedom from spirits of familiarity.

Fasting and Prayer enables us to be dependent on the spirit and not the soul and flesh.

Fasting is associated with afflicting the soul (Isaiah 58: 5-14). The soul is the mind, emotions and will. Through fasting we can break addictions and bad habits. Whatever is controlling our mind and emotions...whatever is controlling us can be broken through the power of fasting and prayer.

Emotional eyes are blinded with tears
Fearful eyes are blinded with terror
Spiritual eyes are open with fasting and prayer

Natural fasting cleanses the body - Spiritual fasting (fasting according to God's Word and principles) cleanses the soul. Prayer and fasting helps us to make quality spiritual decision. It helps us to see life the way God sees.

In Acts 13, in the church at Antioch, they gathered together in worship and fasting. The Holy Spirit spoke and gave them divine appointment and instruction. Fasting and worship brings corporate growth in leadership. It provides spiritual guidance and assistance.

Personal fasting builds personal spiritual strength and Godly character
Corporate fasting builds corporate spiritual strength and unity 
Fasting produce revival!

Make a commitment to fast for 7days.
Ask God to lead you (Matt. 6: 9-15).
Know the purpose, plan and length of your fast - write it down.
Make a promise to God and keep your fast for the intended time.

At Christian Family Church International, MAURITIUS, we have declared a seven days fast for
·         ·         Divine direction
·         ·         Open heaven
·         ·         Divine favor
·         ·         Spiritual and Financial Breakthroughs
·         ·         Peace and security of God 
As a church, we stand in unity, pray and confess:
·         We repent of our ways and seek God's face.
·         We declare that we depend on God's grace and leadership.
·         We declare that the Holy Spirit is our guide and leads us into our God-given destiny.
·         We declare that our church in united.
·         We declare that we have divine direction.
·         We declare we have the wisdom of God.
·         We declare that the Christian Family Church Int. Mauritius will have land and building in the vicinity of Port Louis.
·         We declare that all our churches will grow and be successful in Jesus' name.
·         We declare that we are a people that are strong in the power of His might.
·         We declare that we are victorious.
·         We declare that we have all finances to do the work of the ministry.
·         We declare that we have the victory in Jesus' name.
·         We declare that no harm will come to our dwelling in Jesus' name.

I will be tweeting about fasting for seven days between Monday 11th to Sunday 17th. Follow and be blessed.