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S u p p o r t   o u r   w o r k

Partners play a critical role in helping us meet people's needs and we are deeply committed to their success and to teach and provide them with the tools, training, support, and resources needed to advance and live their dreams.

Ministry is about people. God has sent us out in Mauritius to preach the "Good News" and bondages are being broken, demons are being cast out, the sick are being healed, and the bruised and wounded people are being restored and becoming tree of righteousness (Isaiah 61:1-3).
Partnership is a relationship based on commitment. Committed people are those who accomplish God's will and purpose and bring destruction to the kingdom of darkness.
This ministry is abounding with growth right now. YOU have the unique opportunity to participate in the exciting, mighty harvest of souls taking place around the world.
Wouldn't YOU like to PARTner with us and do some damage to the devil's plans?
When you become a PARTner, praying, encouraging and supporting the ministry with your finances, you share in all that God is helping this ministry to accomplish in Mauritius and in the world.

Christian Family Church International, Mauritius
Our vision is to have 1000 strong members based on Isaiah 60: 21 – 22 and Deuteronomy 1: 11

We are now trusting God for a land and finance to build a House of Worship in the region of Port Louis.
The land will cost in the region of Rs 10million for just one acre.
The building will consist of a state-of-the-art 500 seater auditorium, Children's Ministry, Youth Facilities, Prayer Chapel, Bible College Classes, Facility for Missions for the needy and children in need and Offices. This comes to an estimate Rs 15million.


Christian Family Church International Bible College.
Endorsed by Transworld Accrediting Commission, continues to successfully teach those wanting a deeper relationship with God, those with a hunger and passion to explore the depths of the Bible and to equip those called into the five-fold ministry.  

Soteria Association

Soteria Family Welfare Association is a registered NGO and is the mission arm of James Arekion Ministries International. We are faith-based organization with a driving passion to care and feed the homeless and children in need. Together with our partners and members of Christian Family Church, Mauritius, we are bringing hope to people by fulfilling God’s calling by caring for the homeless, poor and needy, feeding the hungry, helping and feeding children in need, ministering to the captives, all in the name of Jesus Christ.
Our goal is simply: Help, care and assist as many homeless and children as we possibly can and to improve their life as well as to help Christians grow in their faith, serve and influence.


It is our desire to give hope to children and families. Right now we are able to care for about 40 children in Pointe aux Piments, north of the Island of Mauritius. We actively feed and provide basic educational assistance and materials as well as sharing the love of God to these children.

Project 2015:

  • To provide financial support to students in Technical & Vocational education & in CFCI Bible College.
  • To organize a special end of year party for children.
  • To provide Educational Materials for Children aged between 5 - 1
    (Copybooks - Geometric Set Box - Colouring Pencils - Pens - Pencils - Eraser - Sharpener - Glue - Files)


We regularly serve and care for over 30 homeless in the region of Port Louis. Because of our compassionate one on one outreach, feeding the homeless, providing hygienic bags and sharing the love of God, many homeless are accepting Christ and are beginning to attend the Christian Family Church, Mauritius as a family.
Project 2014
  • To organize a Special end of year dinner
  • To provide Hygienic Bags for 50 Homeless (Toothpaste - Toothbrush - Hand Towel - Soap - Toilet paper - Bag) 
  • To provide Blankets for the 50 Homeless during winter season
Looking forward to hear from you.